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History Worth

Sometimes the search for a new direction can lead into unexpected places. For Oscar Huntley, finding a new career led from his construction skills to owning and running a meat market. And while the tools might be a little different, the core principle is the same: Do it right the first time.

In 2001, the whole Huntley family joined their father in taking over the
Village Meat Market in Canning. It was a big move that paid off. Now a tradition in the Annapolis Valley, Huntley’s Village Meat Market sets a high standard across the board.

Co-owner Nancy says it best: “There were three things when we came into a business that we knew we would have to have. One was great prices. One was great customer service. And the other one was quality. And we have been able to achieve that, I believe. We have customers from all over the province.”

It’s All About The People

Oscar Huntley, Owner & Operator
Nancy Roscoe-Huntley, Owner & Manager
Andrew Huntley, Butcher & Market Manager
Beth Huntley, OwnerHomemade to Home
Bailey Huntley, Office Manager
Bruce Emin, Butcher
Larry Smith, Butcher
Trevor Kennickell
Veronica Enslow, Homemade to Home
Mitchell Clarke
Josh Gaudet
Amy Bazinet
Jasmine Lomond
Ben Norman, Sausage Cart